Medical Virtual Scribe

Medical Distant Scribes

We are looking for virtual medical scribes who can assist private practitioners throughout their shift. The ideal candidate will document accurate medical records using HIPAA-compliant software and provide exceptional customer service. You also will be responsible for adhering to and staying updated with the workplace processes and protocols. Should you be qualified for the job, we invite you to submit an application to us today.        

  • Employment

    Part-time to Full-time

  • Responsibilities

    • Encode patient health information to an EMR/EHR software
    • Facilitate diagnostic tests and patient referrals
    • Facilitate the flow of the private practice during consultations
    • Implement and uphold the high quality of patient care
    • Maintain a high level of confidentiality
    • Maintain a professional workplace environment  
  • Qualifications

    • College graduate 
    • At least 1 year of clinical or clerical experience
    • Excellent English communication skills
    • Has a good eye for detail
    • Modest, discreet and tactful at work
    • Preferably with a degree in the healthcare field
    • Strong interpersonal and organizational skills
  • Other Requirements

    • Desktop or laptop computer
    • Hardwired Internet connection and backup
    • Headset and webcam (for meetings)
    • Neat and noise-free environment
  • Payment Method

    We pay internationally via Veem bank transfer services.

  • Software and Tools for Virtual Medical Scribes

    Software and tools are unique per client, but here are some that you might be asked to use for work. Note that this is just a list of examples and you do not need to purchase any before submitting your application.

    • Electronic Health Record Software
    • Zoom Video Communications Software

    Bottleneck Distant Assistants does the job hunt for you. We work hard every day to match you with a good client. We also provide learning opportunities through blogs and guides.

    Visit our FAQs to learn more.

    Once you have submitted your application, our Recruitment Manager (RM) will review your documents if you are a good fit. If your application suits our client's needs, our RM will reach out to you via email within 3 days to schedule a time for the pre-interview. 

    If you are NOT CONTACTED it means that you didn't make it to the initial screening.